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Hon. Audley Shaw, CD, M.P.

Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries

The Government of Jamaica started the journey towards modernizing the Jamaican BAMBOO Industry in 2011 with our application to the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation (INBAR) for membership. Consequently, Jamaica became the 38th member of INBAR In January 2012 as well as the first English-speaking member from the Caribbean. Jamaica became the Chair of the Governing INBAR Council in November 2014 and served as chair up to November 2017.

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Dr Hans Friederich

Director General of INBAR

Bamboo is a wonder grass. It grows fast, matures quickly and has a huge number of uses, including food, fuel, handicrafts and housing.

On behalf of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organisation, INBAR, I am delighted to be co-organising this Caribbean International Bamboo Symposium. For over 20 years, INBAR has worked across continents, promoting the use of this fantastic plant for sustainable development. Whether creating jobs, preventing deforestation, storing carbon or creating low-carbon infrastructure – the potential of bamboo is enormous, particularly in the tropical and subtropical areas where it grows.

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Miss Valerie Veira

Chief Executive Officer, Jamaica Business Development Corporation

The Jamaican artisan has played a pivotal role in the preservation of the country’s rich cultural heritage, many without formal training or appropriate tools. They took the spirit and creativity of our African ancestors and created masterpieces for locals and internationals to place in their homes as a reminder of the Spirit of Jamaica.

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Robert Rainford

Chairman, Bamboo Industry Association of Jamaica

The Bamboo Industry Association of Jamaica (BIAJ) is pleased to be associated with this inaugural Caribbean International Bamboo Symposium which is the first of its kind for this hemisphere and a great boost to the bamboo industry, not only in Jamaica but the entire Caribbean and the Americas.

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Dr. Carey Wallace

Executive Director of Tourism Enhancement Fund

On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, I welcome the staging of this symposium at this time when the Government of Jamaica has been reinforcing the need for the private sector to do much more in fostering growth while the government facilitates.

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